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Some pieces may not be safe for work. I just want to show a few examples of projects I work on in my time.

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art is my life.
i have been drawing for as long as i can remember.
i was that kid doodling in class and being told to stop drawing.
(yea teachers from elementary school! i still remember!!)
creating, designing, drawing, knitting, its like a weird obsession.

i hope to keep this blog updated with some things i am working on, and show off completed projects but may have to use my main random filled tumblr for that too. but, this is nice for at least people who stumble on this who i may be employed by…i think *gulp*.

might have to just make a queue for things. how lazy… but so beneficial!!

sketch 2013
columbia college chicago


Some of my #art thats up for a lil while. Still need to update stuff. :/ .#chicagoartist #Chicago #detail #painting #summer #snippet


Some of my #art thats up for a lil while. Still need to update stuff. :/ .#chicagoartist #Chicago #detail #painting #summer #snippet

post grad

On Saturday the 17th, I officially became a Post Graduate.
I haven’t been in a Columbia Class since December, and it feels both amazing and yet weird. 5 years of fumbling around with classes that focused on the digital realm of art. At that time, I felt like I was taking a lot of classes just because of the requirement. But, now, after all those years have passed and I can reflect on them , I can slowly build a better picture with what I have learned. Connect those dots a bit better to help myself out and be better prepared for what I will do.

Maybe it was fate, having all those classes to take. Maybe it was Fate being asked if I wanted to be an Art Director. (it was just a question, I am guessing…..) Who knows…

I am still putting out job apps for my career, tweaking my resume, and wishing and looking forward to a a new job or internship.

I am trying to be patient with this stuff, but I get pretty restless. Its weird how humans and the world works, ya know?
“Be patient!” ” Patience is a Virtue!” “Oh, maybe next time, etc etc” BUT! Hold on there Skippy!
” You have to not wait for things to happen! ” “You have to be a go getter! ” “If you get a feeling to do something, Do it!”

The world is so confusing at times, and living in it is frustrating.
But, as long as I can make more stuff to show the world I can do this shit, I am sure that someone will hire me and more things will happen.

The pieces WILL connect.

Thank you Kristi for my pre-walk shot! lol

went to my school’s industry night. i was a bit nervous/anxious maybe even really excited to be there. it was a pretty cool experience. I hope that I made a decent impression on the people that I talked to. babysteppin is the way to go.
Now, to redo my resume and cover letter to send out to places to really get this career thing started.