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Some pieces may not be safe for work. I just want to show a few examples of projects I work on in my time.

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Being for Others[edit]
Sartre states that many relationships are created by people’s attraction not to another person, but rather how that person makes them feel about themselves by how they look at them. This is a state of emotional alienation whereby a person avoids experiencing their subjectivity by identifying themselves with “the look” of the other. The consequence is conflict. In order to maintain the person’s own being, the person must control the other, but must also control the freedom of the other “as freedom”. These relationships are a profound manifestation of “bad faith” as the for-itself is replaced with the other’s freedom. The purpose of either participant is not to exist, but to maintain the other participant’s looking at them. This system is often mistakenly called “love”, but it is, in fact, nothing more than emotional alienation and denial of freedom through conflict with the other. Sartre believes that it is often created as a means of making the unbearable anguish of a person’s relationship to their “facticity” (all of the concrete details against the background of which human freedom exists and is limited, such as birthplace and time) bearable. At its extreme, the alienation can become so intense that due to the guilt of being so radically enslaved by “the look” and therefore radically missing their own freedoms, the participants can experience masochistic and sadistic attitudes. This happens when the participants cause pain to each other, in attempting to prove their control over the other’s look, which they cannot escape because they believe themselves to be so enslaved to the look that experiencing their own subjectivity would be equally unbearable.

got a critique for my portfolio with notes on things to improve on. need to push concepts. need to push design. need to push photography.
i know that i am quite behind compared to my peers who felt that graphic design was their calling earlier on at Columbia. i know that i am quite behind compared to others who knew what they wanted to do while at Columbia.
i know that it is bad to compare oneself, but these are just observations. but, even to some, observations = excuses.
how can i know what my shortcomings are if i do not put the time towards finding them out to make them better?

besides that. i also updated my website:


Linkin Park What I’ve Done lyrics

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art is my life.
i have been drawing for as long as i can remember.
i was that kid doodling in class and being told to stop drawing.
(yea teachers from elementary school! i still remember!!)
creating, designing, drawing, knitting, its like a weird obsession.

i hope to keep this blog updated with some things i am working on, and show off completed projects but may have to use my main random filled tumblr for that too. but, this is nice for at least people who stumble on this who i may be employed by…i think *gulp*.

might have to just make a queue for things. how lazy… but so beneficial!!

sketch 2013
columbia college chicago


Some of my #art thats up for a lil while. Still need to update stuff. :/ .#chicagoartist #Chicago #detail #painting #summer #snippet


Some of my #art thats up for a lil while. Still need to update stuff. :/ .#chicagoartist #Chicago #detail #painting #summer #snippet